In order to provide a comprehensive offer we offer to our customers insurance advisory services.

Additionally to the standard liability insurance of the carrier and liability insurance of the forwarder we offer cargo insurance.

Cargo insurance provides for a means for reducing the risk associated with the transportation of goods. It significantly extends the insurance coverage that is provided by the liability insurance policy. It covers both the consequences of errors of the carrier and events beyond its control, such as natural disasters, theft or accidents the perpetrator of which fled from the scene or is unknown.

Cargo insurance protects the owners of the goods (exporters) against any loss associated with damage, theft of the cargo whilst the cargo is transported by their own means and in the case the transportation of the cargo has been contracted to a forwarding agent. The protection is generally effective from the loading to the cargo until its delivery to the destination point.

The effectiveness of cargo insurance is contingent upon the application of the relevant cargo clauses (ICC – Institute Cargo Clauses).

Institute Cargo Clauses are the standard transportation terms and conditions applicable worldwide. A cargo insurance policy constructed on the basis of Institute Cargo Clauses provides the best solution in the case of international transport. These generally known and accepted clauses guarantee the executability of stipulations of the insurance policy worldwide. The highest level of insurance coverage is provided by a set of “A” clauses based on the “all risks” principle. Subsequent sets of “B” and “C” clauses offer a certain degree of limited insurance coverage.

Cargo insurance provides an effective means for reducing the transportation risk both domestically and in Europe. The cargo insurance policy constructed on the basis of Institute Cargo Clauses is widely used by Member States of the European Union.

Working closely with the largest insurance companies in Poland we are in a position to offer attractive cargo insurance rates to you.