The forwarding services means a developed market

Our Distinctive Features

  • Time-saving:
    we take over the organization of transport, your only task is to send an order.
  • Optimization of transport:
    we consolidate your transports by choosing the most appropriate fleet and the shortest route of carriage.
  • We load the cargo of any size,
    including additional loads.
  • Years of experience:
    we can organize your transport properly while you save your time and money, enjoy your just-in-time deliveries and gain satisfied customers.
  • Fixed cost of transport:
    no petrol related added costs, etc.
    Regular contact and cargo monitoring:
    we designate a contact person to be in touch with you throughout the carriage route.
  • Simple way of ordering the transport:
    to make things easier for you we often fill in the orders on behalf of our clients.
  • Reliable information:
    we keep you updated on the course of transport.

Our forwarding services:

Transportation of different types of cargo.

We organize transport services of standard cargo, dangerous goods (ADR), high-volume cargo, refrigerated cargo, oversize cargo and container load cargo.

przewozy całopojazdowe - transport krajowy

Network of experienced subcontractors

We operate a network of verified and proven drivers.

sieć zaufanych partnerów w spedycji

Express transport services, just-in-time deliveries

If necessary, we provide express delivery services and are in a position to ensure a double-manned operation.

We specialize in deliveries of cargo precisely at the appointed time. It enables us to effect many deliveries to trade fairs, exhibitions, special events, etc.

just in time

Optimisation of costs

We offer our clients the best solutions tailored to their needs.

We select appropriate vehicle fleet as well as the optimum routing thus minimizing the transportation costs.

optymalizacja kosztów spedycji

Monitoring of consignments and permanent contact with forwarders

Almost all the vehicles in our fleet are equipped with a GPS system, which allows us to control your cargo on an on-going basis and precisely determine the time of delivery.

Our forwarders are in constant touch with the drivers and keep monitoring the course of transportation on an on-going basis, responding immediately to emergency situations.

We provide you with permanent contact with forwarders.



We have never withdrawn from accepted transport orders, in case of emergency we can find the best alternative solutions (e.g. other means of transport, handling, double personnel etc.).


Advisory services

We provide expert advisory services with respect to matters relating to transportation and freight forwarding, insurance, logistics and customs.


Insurance of cargo

We have general insurance coverage for all cargo transported by us. At the request of the customer we can additionally provide cargo insurance coverage for the cargo.